Therapeutic Hypothermia System Market Potential

During the last several years, the therapeutic hypothermia market has been flat. Too many devices built on different principles of cooling create nothing but confusion among the doctors. Many hospitals have stopped using hypothermia due to the lack of effectiveness of the currently available devices. To take advantage of the hypothermia treatment method, target body temperature should be achieved within approximately two hours following the precipitating event, such as heart attack or stroke. None of the commercially available devices can do that.

The new TTM system developed by Dr. Sergei Shushunov will rejuvenate the hypothermia device market. The new device can replace all currently used hypothermia systems and to substantially expand the market by demonstrating clinical superiority and usability of the new device not only in the hospital but also in pre-hospital settings, offering a seamless transition from one to another.

The market size for economically developed countries, including US / Canada, EU, and Japan is around 315,000 units calculated as:

  • 130,000 units for hospital use (5 systems per hospital): 7,000 hospitals in the US / Canada; 11,000 in the EU and 8,000 in Japan, for a total of 26,000 hospitals).
  • 185,000 units for ambulance use (1 system per ambulance): 55,000 ambulance vehicles in the US / Canada, 110,000 in the EU and 20,000 in Japan for a total of 185,000).

If we also consider the markets of BRICS countries, the number of units needed will be several times higher.