Therapeutic Hypothermia System Market Potential

As described on this web site, therapeutic hypothermia devices are currently used primarily  in hospital setting. In order to fully take advantage of the therapeutic hypothermia, target body temperature should be achieved within approximately one hour following the precipitating event (heart attack, stroke, etc). For this reason, cooling should be initiated in ambulances using an effective hypothermia system. The TTM Inc, hypothermia system will be easy to use in the ambulances as well as in the hospitals, offering seamless transition from one to another.

The TTM Inc. hypothermia system has the potential to take over the hypothermia device market in hospital settings. In addition, this device will allow for the initiation of hypothermia in an ambulance, significantly expanding the market.

The market size for economically developed countries, including US / Canada, EU and Japan is up to 275,000 units:

  • 90,000 units for hospital use (3 systems per hospital: 8,000 hospitals in the US / Canada; 15,000 in the EU and 9,000 in Japan, for a total of 31,000 hospitals).
  • 185,000 units for ambulance use (1 system per ambulance: 55,000 ambulance vehicles in the US / Canada, 110,000 in the EU and 20,000 in Japan for a total of 185,000).

If we also consider the markets of BRICS countries, the number of units needed could be significantly higher.